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What our clients have to say about our services


Dear Nigel,

Thank you very much for all of my heart for the knowledge you shared, for your passion to the subject you teach, for yours and your lovely family hospitality. I can highly recommend taking a hypnotherapy diploma course with Leeds Academy. Our small and cosy group of 6 were meeting once a month and it was always enjoyable, entertaining and useful.  I felt quit spoilt by lovely lunches cooked every time we met. We had lots of detailed explanations, demonstrations and practice with each other. Nigel was always very helpful and encouraging, very pleasant to be around and always ready to help even outside of the course. Our lessons were always good fun, relaxing and felt very beneficial. Personally for me the amount of knowledge I was receiving felt a bit overwhelming at the beginning, but with the time everything started to make sense and clicked ‘’into the right boxes’’ making me feel more and more confident in using my knowledge with my clients.

Thank you very much for everything.

I felt lucky to be your student and to get to know your lovely family.

Juna Brookes. (Counsellor)

May 2017

"To say the hypnotherapy I had in the summer helped with my fear of flying is an understatement. I had reached a stage where even the thought of planning flights for a holiday filled me with dread and terror. I was ready to do something to stop this fear taking over my life and was recommended Nigel by a friend.


The sessions were professional, yet personalised. I felt safe and confident that I was ready to make changes to my behaviour. I had a holiday booked 6 weeks after the therapy and I'll admit I was slightly sceptical that there would be any change. But, I felt as though something was different.


In the lead up to my holiday, I was calm. At the airport, I was excited. On take off, I was relaxed. All of these were new emotions connected with flying and this new way of life will take some getting used to! However, I am thrilled (as are my family) with the results. The offer of follow up sessions is there if I need it. I have since recommended Nigel to other people facing different challenges in their lives. This has honestly changed my life."


Before my hypnosis I had a completely irrational fear of moths that really affected my quality of life.  Not any more!!!  A moth in the house is no longer a problem, I can eat outdoors on a summer evening without any anxiety whatsoever - something I could never have done before.  Nigel made such a difference - I would recommend his treatment to anyone.


J.F 2015 (Leeds)




Sue M.  2008 (Leeds)


I used to smoke  - I met Nigel, I don't smoke anymore - what more can I say!!!


Phillip M.  2009 (Leeds)


I Just thought I would give you some feedback. On Wednesday night after my "Stop Smoking Session" I had the best night's sleep I've had for at least 5 years.  It was deep and very "restful". The best thing is tha I have conti ued to do so.  Great joy.  I feel less stressed and ... content?  Oh and by the way - no cigarettes and looking at what I eat too.  Thank you so much.


Mary C.   2010 (Wakefield)


I thought that I would let you know that without really thinking about it I have managed to almost cut out sweet foods altogether!  I went to give my childrens' friend a sweet and realised that although I haven't bought any sweets since my last visit to you I still have a full sweet tin (which just goes to show who was eating them lol!).  I have also lost 8lbs which is a fantastic bonus as I am on holiday in a couple of weeks. Thank you so much for all your help.  I am spreading the word among friends and colleagues and I am hoping you will be inundated with clients!!


Allison S.   2010 (Leeds)


I have had several sessions with Gill to help improve my relationship with food and aid weight loss. Gill was extremely professional and focused at all times and I found each sessions beneficial in helping me to obtain my goal. I will certainly use her services again, both as a refocus on my weight issue if required and if necessary for other issues too!


                                                                Sharon J. 2010 (Leeds)



Just thought I would send you this message to let you know I am in New Zealand and have been living with 2 rather large dogs Baxter and Whitaker for a week now. I have allowed them to lick me to say hello, Also I have been in the room when they bark with very little reaction. I have been able to walk into a room on my own with them in there too.  At home my daughter also bought a dog, a rather cute cocker spaniel, Cali (me saying cute !!!!) she stayed over at my house with my daughter a couple of times and again I have been fine.  If I had not found you none of this would be happening, thank you so much, it is lovely seeing my son for the first time in 16 months and future daughter in law for the first time.  I feel confident I will be able to meet dogs without that awful debilitating feeling from now on.

Jean H. 2013 (Leeds)


...when my 42 year marriage came to an abrupt end I felt my life had ended with it.  I couldn't get past the devastation I felt, the feelings of revenge were all consuming, I couldn't move forwards.  My days and nights  were spent plotting how I could get my own back for the betrayal I felt.  It was making me ill.


Then Nigel Franks was recommended to me and I went to see him.  I was very sceptical but desperate.  I felt immediately comfortable with him.  He listened to me, worked out a plan with me and then treated me.  I was lucky, after only two sessions I felt so much better.  I now look forward to every day.  This man has quite simply saved my life.  He convinced me that "I am worth it" and for those who don't think so they can "F%@K!"


Nigel...Thank you...


BG .2013  (Leeds)


I thought you might like to see this picture of me Nigel. You helped me so much in getting over my dog phobia which in turn has enable me to be part of my adult children's lives. Do you remember I asked you to help me to be in a room with a dog, I didn't want to touch them just be in the same building. Well just look at me now. I hope you can use this as a testimonial. I know people may not believe how paralyzing my fear was and how it interfered with my everyday life. Thank you so much, I know what you did will help me for life.  I think a picture paints a thousand words, as they say in the song.   I keep telling people about you and the fantastic results. This photo was the first time my extended family had seen me with a dog close up, they were amazed and proud of me. Yes the flying is also amazing my Hubby can't believe how calm I am, reading a magazine on take off and landing !! we have flown twice this year and also the flight last year to New Zealand wasn't at all traumatic.  The dentist isn't as toe curling either but I don't think anyone likes going to the dentist !! Get me being concerned about canines. Once again thank you for everything.


Jean H. 2013

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