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Metaphorically Speaking

Metaphorically Speaking:

I wonder how many things in life are hurried and how many things are better done at an easier pace? They say 'time flies when you are having fun' but if you think about it, this is the opposite to how it could be. It may be better if 'time flew' when doing the less pleasant things and time stretched when enjoying things. Why shouldn't we enjoy extra time with the things we take pleasure in? That would seem a more sensible outcome... yes?

The thing is... time will pass as fast as nature allows, unless we see it otherwise. When deeply asleep, in comfort and at rest, there seems to be no time, until we wake. Rain will fall as heavily as rain will fall, there is no choice in this. But if a door is left open, warm air will quickly leave - if we notice we can stand in the doorway to slow it down and perhaps appreciate it, or even close the door if we wish to halt it altogether. There is a choice in this case and the choice can be made, by us. The trick to it is 'being there and being aware' - present and sensible to the flow. Your senses engaged - then you are in control - taking the time, to take your time.

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